Varun Kumar Saini


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     Gudiani is a small village in district Rewari of state Hariyana in India. About 1150 houses and 6000 people are living in this village. Panchayati Raj applied in this village. The village is devided into four mohalla's and 16 wards. Four govt. schools and three private schools are running in this village.

     There are three main temples, one Gurudwara, one Mosque and one Idgah in the village. There is a holiest place "Baba Miyan Munna". It is one of the holiest place of worship in Guriani where Muslim and Hindu come together. The name Baba Miyan Munna itself shows secularisam of village. Miyan is for a Muslim priest and Munna for Hindu.

     In the past, this village was famous for Gardan of Berries (Ber ke Bag), Merchants, Horses and water. One quote is very famous about Guriani "Char cheez tauafa a Guriani, Ber, Saudagar, Ghore (Horses) aur Panni".

  1. Gudiani is the birth place of great poet and Freedom fighter Babu Bal Mukund Gupt.
  2. Super Star Cricket Club held cricket tournament every year on the Makar Sankranti.
  3. Gudiani is the largest village in the region.

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